Friday, May 26, 2017

Forced Perspective


  • To continue to develop creative problem-solving skills by creating forced perspective photographs in a unique original way;
  • To practice altering perspective and looking at subjects in a unique way;

  • To further develop your Photoshop knowledge and skills;

Assignment that I am most proud of

I am most proud of my Who am I video. I think it reflects what I wanted it to. My friends are the best part of my life and my video shows this well. I haven't used iMovie in a very long time and it was nice to learn how to use it again. I tried to organize my photos in an interesting way and make it entertaining. I spent a lot of time on my video and I am proud of the way it turned out.

Most Memorable Experiences

One of my most memorable learning experiences from this semester is when we did the pinhole cameras outside. I learned about how the cameras work and how to set them up correctly. I also learned a lot about things like exposure and lighting. I enjoyed working in the dark room and learning how to use the developer, stop bath, and fixer. It was interesting to be able to create our own photographs from such a simple camera.

Another memorable experience from this semester was the levitation photography. I have used photoshop for many projects at this point in the year after taking graphic design and photo, and this project helped expand my photoshop knowledge. I learned how to cut out parts of an image and make them look realistic on another background. I had fun working on the shadows and lighting for this project. I definitely learned my way around photoshop more with this. I also had to do some problem solving while working on this.

Thursday, May 25, 2017



He is relaxed, stretched out with eyes closed.
A peaceful, silent room with still shadows.
Nothing is on his mind it seems,
he has figured out
that is the best way to live
As time goes by and the sun shifts,
he continues to rest.

Monday, May 22, 2017


Field Hockey

It's more than just a game,
it's a team,
it's a family,
it's about playing until you can't
and then keep playing.
Every scratch or dent on the stick
is from each intense moment
in the heat of the game.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Planning: Who Am I?

There are a lot of things that define who a person is, and I think the things in life that matter most to you tell the world who you are best. The most important part of my life is my friends. I wouldn't say I have many hobbies, but being with my friends is absolutely my favorite thing to do. Some other things I like to do are play field field hockey and travel when I can. My goals for the future are to graduate college and get a job in the business world and be happy. I want to get married but I don't want to have kids. I don't connect very well with my family, so my friends mean so much to me. For my video, I would like to make it about my friends and how they effect my life. I have many photos and some video footage I can use for this idea.